Diablo III score awards!

The score I conducted for Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo III just won best score “Best Music: Visual Media” at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards!
It also won “Best Audio” at the GDC awards!

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  1. I have finally received the CD and had a chance to listen to it properly. It is a magnetic score.

    Together with classical music and musical theatre, soundtracks are what I enjoy the most listening to, particularly when they tell a story without any lyrics. When you ‘get’ them, it’s almost like learning a new language.

    If you compose a piece of music, the same way a writer would write a story, then, I’d say, as a conductor, you are the one who reads that story out loud to the audience.

    And as a listener, I feel that the score for Diablo III came together with strength and yet great generosity.
    I have very little technical knowledge of what conducting a score as powerful as this entails, but on a purely instinctive and emotional level it feels like a very fine and elegant balance between what you know you can ask and what you are ready to give. And that tension and momentum run through the entire score.

    No wonder the prizes!

    I will enjoy listening to it time and time again.


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